​A.Q. Technolgy Start migrating to the lastest oracle technolgy  that will power HMISFOX with cluod ,it will enable our customer to shift their business to the cloud or use our  SaaS (More Details)

Hospital Management Information Systems


​​At A.Q Technology Hospital management Systems, we do not deal with customers from the point that we selling them a computer program or software ,but are dealing with the client on the basis that we offer him a complete solution and the type of partnership in the completion of business and this requires us to a permanent
presence to offer solutions to all the problems faced during facilitate his work and imposes on us the rules and conditions difficult walk in order to ensure full customer satisfaction can be summarized as follows- :
 Complete follow-up free of charge for one year.
 Provide consultations ,advises , make adjustments and improvements. are necessary for the proper functioning and to ensure integration and harmony between other systems.
 Make any simple modification screens or reports are requested by the client for free and in record time.