Are you free for a story? great. imagine you’re patient and you decided to go do your yearly medical check up. You walk right into the reception, got your appointment and ready to see your doctor. you casually walking to the clinic. Remember that file the nurse brings in to your doctor before she calls in your name? it's gone.. BOOF your doctor looking at your file on his computer right now. He made his regular check up and asked you for some tests and an x-ray. Don't worry he said it's just a regular check up.

again you casually walk into the lab, you tell them your name and they reply `we have been waiting for you` (you feel important) they take the samples and thank you for your time.

Okay, one last thing to do. again you casually walking with no single paper in hand whatsoever. now you just took your x-ray and they treated you the same like their collages (again how awesome is this!) You finally finished your doctor requests and ready to take in good news.

you walk to his clinic…that's right casually, you sit in front of him with comfort while he’s looking at your test results and x-rays, all in your digital file. He was looking at them long before you walked in actually… he gives you the good news with a smile on his face. He just needs you to take some pills to be on the safe side. You go to the pharmacy. Gave them your name, they use the software (like all the other departments did) to pull up your prescription, they hand you the medicine and you walk out happy and satisfied.

This is what we will help your institution to provide. the perfect experience for your patients, and not just this, the software goes everywhere. From the reception all the way to the warehouse. So you don't use paper ever again.

Our software can connect with almost all laboratory equipment to auto data extraction to minimize human mistakes. Management, accounting, Human resources also included to provide you with full control, accessibility, supervision. 24/7 Technical support and training provided. Click more information now and we will be happy to contact you with all the details