Hospital management information system

This HMIS is the MAN

our HMIS is your man whatever the job is. sending files to clinics or test request to the lab or even a prescription to the pharmacy he will do it, not just this he also really good at the back office he is an HR, accountant, a warehouse man and every thing in between. he really worked hard to be everything you need.  

Efficiency, Simplicity. 

from the recaption to the Wearhouse. any sort of data...all size of data! with unlimited users so u can have have the efficiency all across 

software content  



ease data entry, knowledge of the logged file, job last modified date and clarification 

medical files 

File request

files requested by doctors or administrators according to the authorities with the registration of all demand data such as date and time of the request and file-based application 

Reservation system and appointments 

Cashier and invoice accounting 


"Note : link laboratory equipment is optional is an extra cost by type of equipment and in coordination with the manufacturer of the device."


Doctors Ratios 

rates doctors by categories and extract reports out. Automatically with the possible exception of the services concerned ratios such as radiology services within the dental clinic and other 

Electronic files

Basic data 

Reporting system 

The system contains many reports cover all the needs of the departments and insurance companies Output can be converted to Excel. Can make any additional reports folded for free and within a period not exceeding 72 hours of request report 

Out pharmacy 

Health education 

Recording and printing for everything related to health education for patients 


Registration different varieties and what comes out of the procurement and spending on different sections 

Fixed assets 

Recording and classification of assets and carry out depreciation 

Capture and exchange 

make permits, receipt and exchange of cash and deposits with deportation to accounting 

General accounting 

HR & Pay roll 

Handling all matters. pertaining to staff and workers and the respect of their benefits and discounts with Eas, completely Queries cover all the needs of a multi-management Vacations and entitlements