Hospital management information system

This HMIS is the MAN

our HMIS is your man whatever the job is. sending files to clinics or test request to the lab or even a prescription to the pharmacy he will do it, not just this he also really good at the back office he is an HR, accountant, a warehouse man and every thing in between. he really worked hard to be everything you need.

Efficiency, Simplicity.

from the recaption to the Wearhouse. any sort of data...all size of data! with unlimited users so u can have have the efficiency all across

  • Accommodate any size of system data and to its dependence on Oracle databases stronger databases at all

  • Uses Oracle Forms the latest version.

  • Supports any number of concurrent multiple users (number Amended).

  • Supports multiple cost centers.

  • Financial System include flexible fields so you can easily add or hide some of the fields of the screens or change the capture to accommodate you needs.

  • User can add different types of documents the system very easily by the user.

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ease data entry, knowledge of the logged file, job last modified date and clarification

medical files

  • easily search with patients names our other inputs. knowing the whereabouts of the file at any time.

  • automatic issuance of UCAF / DCAF / OCAF before entering the clinic.

  • preview all invoices in file.

  • automatic translation for names from Arabic to English and vice versa

  • separate names.

  • manual or automatic dictionary for entered names .

File request

files requested by doctors or administrators according to the authorities with the registration of all demand data such as date and time of the request and file-based application

Reservation system and appointments

  • Easy insert for doctors appointments.

  • regulating the work of the doctors who are patients reception system booking and appointments

  • The medical files interested in the nature of their service more than one patient at the same time one like Doctors and Cosmetic Dermatology (multiple and concurrent sessions)

  • Print a list of appointments for all doctors.

  • Card printing appointment for the patient.

  • Integrates with the reception in the selection of the schedule in advance when make invoice.

  • Ability to send messages to mobile appointments.

Cashier and invoice accounting

  • automatic billing issuance

  • contracts discounts

  • cash discount by the powers of each user.

  • Request the file automatically when making an invoice. visit or follow-up.

  • Start and end of the accounting period

  • Compiling the invoices is automatically associated in one screen and give a report for every transaction that needs to be completed.

  • Closure of billing insurance companies after the review process


  • 70 + reports and models of laboratory reports

  • design more models without the need to reprogram

  • insert results such tests, reports manually or you can simply connect the laboratory devices to our laboratory system

  • Print barcode container samples.

  • Reports covering the daily movement of the laboratory

"Note : link laboratory equipment is optional is an extra cost by type of equipment and in coordination with the manufacturer of the device."


  • Define types of rays and associated results to allow the radiologist to shorten the time to write Rays reports

  • Query and search results of radiation of patients at any time

  • Reports covering the daily movement of the Department

Doctors Ratios

rates doctors by categories and extract reports out. Automatically with the possible exception of the services concerned ratios such as radiology services within the dental clinic and other

Electronic files

  • Record vital signs - patient complaint - visuals doctor

  • Record medical history and genetic diseases

  • Registration allergy medications

  • Registration diagnosis International Classification of Diseases by the Australian Council, approved health insurance

  • ICD-10 AM, version6

  • The system can accommodate any future versions of the ICD coding without the need to reprogram

  • Description of medical writing with the registration requirements of the Council of medicines by health insurance SFDA Registration Code and printed electronically

  • Find drugs by the scientific name or trade

  • Easy searching in specialty medicine by a doctor or medicine or synonymous

  • recording recipes and easily retrievable in case of chronic diseases and the need for the patient to repeat the same period

  • Enables the physician to request laboratory tests and Xray

  • Automatic issuance of UCAF / DCAF / OCAF by doctor And follow-up in terms of the outcome of the approval or rejection

  • Place View full profile of the patient and previous visits

  • Showing the order of patients on the screens outside clinics and in places of waiting The doctor can see the queues outside the clinic with the possibility of suspending the clinic due to prayer or other situations with an automated message sent to the screens in the waiting rooms of various

Basic data

  • The system can import patient data and price lists and contracts automatically from Excel files, making it easier and accelerates the process of system startup

  • Registration nationalities - the staff - doctors - professionals - nursing - Regulations services where the system provides a number (99) to the list of services and an infinite number of price lists for the services provided - rating services - clinics - working hours - to link drugs with diagnostics satisfying specific -

  • Security system and covers all authority of the screen displays the various system

  • Security system at discounts of all kinds, whether on the level of service or level of the bill regarding the billing of cash can also cancel all the powers of discounts

Reporting system

The system contains many reports cover all the needs of the departments and insurance companies Output can be converted to Excel. Can make any additional reports folded for free and within a period not exceeding 72 hours of request report

Out pharmacy

  • Handling all activities of pharmacies buying, selling and storing

  • full linking with the reception system in terms of discount rates and rates tolerances

  • Poster printing medicinal use Arabic or English

  • Follow all electronic prescriptions written by doctors and find out if he has been discharged or not. whether belonging to the pharmacy or health facility leased

Health education

Recording and printing for everything related to health education for patients


Registration different varieties and what comes out of the procurement and spending on different sections

Fixed assets

Recording and classification of assets and carry out depreciation

Capture and exchange

make permits, receipt and exchange of cash and deposits with deportation to accounting

General accounting

  • Multi-currency and branches and cost centers

  • Ease to use for opening and closing financial years

  • You can open financial years with no need to close the previous years

  • Doing different scales Review

  • Final accounts and budgets are extracted automatically and without the need to make any deportations

HR & Pay roll

Handling all matters. pertaining to staff and workers and the respect of their benefits and discounts with Eas, completely Queries cover all the needs of a multi-management Vacations and entitlements